3D Markerless Motion + 3D Force Made Easy!

EZ 3D is an innovative new module that integrates the ground breaking 3D Markerless Analysis engine Theia3D within the clinician designed AccuPower 4.0 dashboard. Designed with flexibility, AccuPower Suite offers a unique blend of customization and ease of use. Over 300 of the worlds best sport scientists, clinicians and educators have chosen our software for applications as wide as professional sport combines, baseline monitoring of training and rehabilitation programs, or in over 200 peer reviewed research papers. EZ 3D makes it possible to perform protocol specific, high speed biomechanical analyses in a clinical setting.

No more waiting!

With our solution you get actionable data in less than 45 seconds! This greatly improves productivity, accuracy, and time savings.

Key New Features

Our latest innovations bring loads of improvements and added features!


Since 2005, AccuPower Solutions has provided the best software suite available to coaches, sport scientists and
educators at world class organizations. Our system captures research quality data using real time visualization
tools and integrated high speed video making it easy to drive better outcomes and improve user experience.


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